Exosun releases module-cleaning robot and free software add-on for PV plant design

Exosun, a global supplier of solar tracking solutions for ground-mounted PV plants, launches two innovations designed to optimize the LCOE of each project.

Exosun’s cleaning robot

ExoDesigner: a software to speed-up your plant design

ExoDesigner is a free of charge, easy-to-install AutoCAD add-on application that enables engineering teams to design the layout of PV plants harvesting the best Exosun’s trackers technology. This time-saving tool is incorporated into the existing AutoCAD, enabling users to continue working on their existing plant layouts or create new ones. Only a few minutes are needed to draw a power plant, test and compare multiple tracker configurations, and then reduce significantly the project engineering time and costs. To have an overview of ExoDesigner capabilities, have a look at the video.

Robotics for tracker’s most competitive modules cleaning solution

To ensure PV production stays at its best, the equation of soiling vs. cleaning frequency and costs needs to be managed. That’s why; Exosun has developed a revolutionary water-free modules cleaning solution that dramatically reduces cleaning cost versus solutions using maintenance vehicles and water. The Exosun’s cleaning robot offers a desert proof, scalable and plug & play solution for an effortless and fast modules cleaning.

This solution avoids acquisition and transportation of expensive distilled water in remote locations, with a cleaning rate up to 5 MWp cleaned in 8 hours by two operators. Learn more on Exosun’s website.

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