Webinar: Lithium Iron batteries: the Safe Solar Storage Solution



The future looks bright for solar storage in 2017.

Standard solar storage systems can be unreliable and put off a hazardous amount of heat causing malfunctions and power outages. To combat this, OEMs turned to lithium ion batteries to create safer storage. However, not all battery systems are the same.

CivicSolar introduced us to a safer, more reliable solution to using stored solar energy. During this 60-minute presentation, they will walk us through why Li-ion storage is better than standard solutions as well as the environmental impact between Lithium cobalt and Lithium iron phosphate.

In addition, CivicSolar will explain why it’s important to have a safety vetting process when selecting installers and partners.

Attendees will also learn:

  • Storage solutions and what to expect for 2017
  • How to sell alternatives to Tesla (without actually talking about Tesla)
  • Updates on energy storage/battery technology

About the Presenters

Owen Fox, Storage Product Manager, CivicSolar
As Product Manager for Inverters, Energy Storage, and Electrical Balance of Systems, Owen ensures that CivicSolar customers stay ahead of the curve with both technological developments and market trends. Owen manages relationships with our manufacturer partners, vets technologies and proposes the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions to include in our product portfolio. Prior to becoming a Product Manager, Owen was an Account Manager at CivicSolar, setting up C&I solar installers and integrators for success. Owen graduated with a BA in Economics from Harvard University.


Brian Pasquill, ​Solar Specialty Channel Manager, Schneider Electric
Brian has been in the solar industry for 10 years and began by owning an installation business for 8 years. Brian has expertise in PV, solar thermal, wind and microhydro. Before transitioning to the solar industry, Brian worked in aerospace for 10 years. Today, Brian lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.



Jordan Little, Applications Engineer, Simpliphi Energy
Jordan Little is one of SimpliPhi Power’s Applications Engineers, in which she provides technical support for SimpliPhi’s customers with all of their sizing, design or installation needs. Prior to SimpliPhi, Jordan led the commercial division for Hawaii’s number one EPC, helped facilitate an energy storage startup acquisition, and oversaw all projects under Georgia Power’s Rooftop Solar program. Jordan graduated in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University and is a NABCEP Certified Installer and Certified Energy Manager.


Kelsey Misbrener, Moderator, Solar Power WorldKelsey Misbrener is the Associate Editor for Solar Power World. She’s been passionate about writing since first grade, when she wrote stories about talking, walking sock monkeys. She has a degree in magazine journalism from Kent State University, and is thrilled to be involved with the progressive solar industry. She spends much of her free time outdoors, going hiking and birding.




A safe solar storage solution – Watch Now! 


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