Maryland works to establish a three-year community solar pilot program

The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) approved final rules to establish a three-year community solar pilot program.

Utilities now have 15 days to file revised copies of their community solar tariffs for PSC review, and PSC staff must finalize the program’s timeline for commencement.

According to energy supplier CleanChoice, the program will jumpstart Maryland’s community solar industry and has the potential to open access to solar energy to hundreds of thousands of Maryland residents who do not have the ability to put solar panels on their roof, and could add up to 192 megawatts of new community solar capacity.

“The new community solar program offers a big opportunity to expand the solar market, bringing clean energy, jobs and solar savings to Maryland residents,” said Tom Matzzie, founder and CEO of CleanChoice Energy. “More solar means cleaner air, healthier lungs, a greener world. We’re very excited to do business in Maryland.”

News item from CleanChoice Energy

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