Designing Residential PV Systems for Maximum Return: an Inside Look into Aurora’s AutoDesigner – On Demand Webinar




Figuring out the best solar installation to meet your customer’s energy needs, budget, and –most importantly– roof can be hard. With increasingly complex utility rate structures like NEM 2.0, dozens of electrical and fire code rules, and hundreds of available components, it can be a painful process finding the perfect design that will maximize a homeowner’s investment.

Aurora has spent the past two years developing its newest feature, the AutoDesigner, to help you automatically design the best solar installation for your customer. It analyzes the shading conditions of the homeowner’s roof, utility rates, available components, and more to create the best PV system possible. This demonstration will show you how the AutoDesigner works, and demonstrates how it saves you time in your design process.

We will go through two case studies, one in which the AutoDesigner maximizes bill savings for different utility rates, and the other in which the AutoDesigner chooses the best combination of modules and inverters for a shaded site. We will also demonstrate why some firms are requiring the AutoDesigner to standardize their design process. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about how the AutoDesigner is changing the landscape of PV optimization.

What you’ll get out of it:

  • See how the AutoDesigner maximizes financial savings or energy output with two case studies
  • Learn about its inner workings from the engineer who designed it
  • Learn more about how firms are using the AutoDesigner to standardize design processes and reduce their change order

Featured Speakers

Oliver Toole, Quantitative Engineer, Aurora Solar
Oliver Toole is a quantitative engineer at Aurora Solar. After graduating from Stanford with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, he spent the past two years working with top scientists in the optimization and computational mathematics fields to develop the AutoDesigner tool. He was a successful member of Stanford’s varsity sailing team where he became a two time All-American and was awarded Stanford Male Conference Athlete of the Year.



Marion Wellington, Growth Marketing Analyst, Aurora Solar

Marion is a Growth Marketing Analyst at Aurora Solar, where she spearheads marketing and branding strategies. Previously she worked at CrossWind Technologies, a law enforcement software company at which she rebranded their website and built their training program. She graduated from Brown University with a ScB degree with honors in Music Cognition, where she was a Royce Fellow and received the David Laurent Award for musical excellence.



Shane Siemer, Sales Consultant, Aurora Solar
Shane Siemer is the Sales Consultant at Aurora Solar. After graduating San Jose State University with a degree in Industrial Design, he has spent the last 6 years working in the solar industry. He’s designed everything from small off-grid PV systems to 500 kW commercial projects. Shane has a deep understanding of the solar design and sales process, including developing a very accurate remote system design process while working at a Bay Area solar design and installation company.



Kelly Pickerel, Managing Editor, Solar Power World – Moderator
Kelly has been involved with the solar industry since 2011 and joined the Solar Power World staff in 2014. She enjoys working on contractor profiles and hearing about new projects. Her areas of focus include solar services, generation and panels.




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