Inverter company Nextronex acquired by Price Energy Systems

Price Energy Systems LLC, an affiliate of David Price Metal Services Inc., in Norwalk, Ohio, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Nextronex, a leader in high performance solar inverter systems.

The Nextronex inverter solution is based on a patented Distributed Architecture topology which provides increased yields due to superior low light energy harvesting, higher efficiency operation and virtual 100% reliability and availability. The RAY-MAX system uses a proven technology platform based on a Bidirectional inverter module with over 30 years of very reliable performance in the VFD motion control industry. The Nextronex Power Podium provides a “plug-and-play” medium voltage solution integrated on a skid, factory wired and tested, requiring minimal on-site installation cost and commissioning.

RAY-MAX inverters provide outstanding performance in all types of environments, and are especially well-suited for harsh environments. All electronic components are completely sealed from the elements and properly cooled thanks to a patented enclosure.

Nextronex also offers an integrated battery storage solution to manage peak-shifting and solar power intermittency.

Christopher Price, President of David Price Metal Services, Inc. (DPMS) states, “We are very pleased to expand our Renewable Energy capabilities with Nextronex’s full line of Utility Scale Inverters allowing DPMS to provide the solid backing and reputation of being in business for over 44 years”