Infographic: The rising affordability of solar power

SolarTech, a California-based solar design and installation company, shared the following infographic with us to illustrate the rising affordability of solar power.

The Rising Affordability of Solar Power [INFOGRAPHIC]



  1. Don Osborn says:

    Nice job summarizing the tremendous and continuing progress. Note to our fossil friend rborlick, as I am sure you know (but don’t want to point out), the “subsidies” to renewables have been and still are dwarfed by the past and present subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear. If you want a truly level playing field, including addressing externalities, bring it on.

    • philofthefuture says:

      Subsidies for oil are about 4%, subsidies for solar and easily exceed 100%, the dollar amount for oil is obscene because the power generated compared to solar is obscene. MY array has a payback of four years, after that not only will my electricity be free but I’ll be making thousands a year.
      Not that I’m complaining mind you, but it just goes to show the amount of subsidies solar has.

  2. rborlick says:

    Just goes to show you Jane, if you spend enough subsidy money you can even make a pig fly.

    The general public has no idea how heavily subsidized residential rooftop solar is in some states. In California the subsidy is on the order of 200 percent of the installed cost. In other states (New Jersey, Connecticut) the subsidies exceed 150 percent.

    Guess who is paying almost all of these subsidies? Taxpayers and electricity consumers without solar, i.e., the uninformed “public.”

    Where are the infographics showing these wealth transfers? Obviously the general public has no lobbyists representing their interests. What a sad state our political system is in.


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