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The lines between string, central, off-grid and microinverters continue to blur as manufacturers develop new models that incorporate features of multiples inverter types. We’ve seen new designs based on 2014 National Electric Code requirements, like decentralized string units with easy-to-install designs and rapid shutdown capabilities. But there are also a few unique products, like dual-use microinverters, across the following pages in our Top Inverter Products.



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geGE: LV5 Series

GE’s 1,500-Vdc breakthrough technology helps drive investment performance by converting solar energy into powerful, reliable and cost-effective electricity. Inverter input voltages of 1,500 Vdc increase the output power by up to 50%, enabling a more efficient farm layout while significantly reducing investment costs for cables, buildings, combiner boxes, fuses, inverters and transformers.



ideal powerIDEAL POWER: Grid-resilient 30-kW multiport power conversion system

The 30B3-4DF uses Ideal’s Power Packet Switching Architecture (PPSA) in an AC/DC/DC configuration to directly integrate solar and storage, serving both grid-tied and off-grid applications. PPSA also provides transformerless isolation and significant savings in equipment weight and size compared with conventional PV and battery solutions. This dramatically lowers installation costs.



ingeteamINGETEAM: IS 1165TL U B420

This PV inverter maximizes the power density, as it provides more power in less space. The input and output connections are integrated in the same cabinet. Moreover, it integrates low-voltage ride-through capability and a control unit that runs faster and performs more efficient and sophisticated inverter control.




Power Electronics’ HEC PLUS outdoor modular and redundant inverters are powerful and reliable in utility-scale projects. 1,000-Vdc class upgraded inverters offer extended MPPT voltage range and maximum efficiency in AC output voltages ranging from 400 Vac to 440 Vac, covering all commercial and utility-scale PV facilities.



satconSATCON (SIC USA): 2-MW Equinox UL and MX platforms

The UL-approved and field-proven 2-MW Equinox container platform includes factory integration and is available now. This improves overall quality and reliability, while reducing the time and cost to system commissioning. Containers range from 0.5 to 2 MW. The New Equinox MX model is more integrated, offering greater cost savings, available in 2016.



schneiderSCHNEIDER ELECTRIC: Conext Core XC-NA

This is designed for high efficiency and flexibility. It comes with an integrated DC combiner with fuse and monitoring options and a next generation ground fault detection system to reduce hazards from PV array blind spots. It is 3R rated for outdoor applications and can be provided as part of Schneider’s PV skid or box solution.



sungrowSUNGROW: SG3000HV-MV

The SG3000HV-MV is a 1500-V inverter for commercial solar applications. It’s designed to support the grid to meet regional utility standards and come in a two-piece container. The inverter’s maximum efficiency is able to reach up to 99%, while its efficient control algorithm ensures a low consumption on switch device and its temperature controlled air-cooling helps save energy.


tmeicTMEIC: PVH-L2500ERM

TMEIC’s new SAMURAI PV inverter provides full output of 2,500 kW/2,700 kVA at 1,500-Vdc input. Equipped with a hybrid cooling system, it minimizes particle and dust entrance into the inverter with heatpipe-based cooling technology. The PVH-L2500ERM achieves high efficiency levels for 1,500-V system design.




The YC500 microinverter handles two PV modules simultaneously with dual MPPT. Maximum power output is 500 W per module pair; serves up to 14 panels (7x YC500s) in a string with a single 20-A breaker. Using half the microinverters per project saves installers real time and money on the job site.



Chilicon PowerCHILICON POWER: CP-250-60-208-240-MC4

Chilicon Power microinverters provide comprehensive inverter and monitoring. With its 7-in. LCD touch controller, the CP-100 gateway is the ultimate microinverter controller and smart home-hub. The CP-100 enables inverter setup in less than 10 minutes and provides home security (door/window sensors/alarm) and wireless net metering.



cyboenergyCYBOENERGY: On/off-grid CyboInverter

The 4-channel 1.2-kW on/off-grid CyboInverter has an on-grid output port and an off-grid output port. When the grid is on, it works like an on-grid inverter. When the grid goes down, it automatically switches to off-grid mode providing backup power. Each input channel has its own MPPT to maximize power production.




The ACRak 300 combines Darfon MIG300 microinverters with IronRidge XR rails for an easy-to-install, out-of-the-box solution. Locking cable connectors and XR100 splices eliminate cutting rails, installing cabling or mounting microinverters. Building a solar array is as simple as mounting and grounding rails, connecting sections and mounting the panels of your choice.



magnumMAGNUM ENERGY, SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES: 4400W 48-VDC pure sine wave inverter charger

The MS-PAE 120/240V Series inverter/charger from Magnum Energy is a pure sine wave inverter designed specifically for the most demanding renewable energy applications. The MS-PAE Series is powerful, easy-to-use and cost effective.



outbackOUTBACK POWER: FLEXpower Radian

The FLEXpower Radian line, available in 4 kW and 8 kW, allows installers to complete faster, more flexible installations that meet customers’ unique energy scenarios with OutBack’s grid/hybrid technology, including grid-interactive and stand-alone functionality and GridZero and advanced battery charging operation. The prebuilt systems can save solar professionals as much as half a day to set up.



princeton powerPRINCETON POWER SYSTEMS: GTIB-100 G1.2

Princeton Power Systems’ GTIB-100 G1.2 is a 100-kW four-quadrant power converter with a wide DC voltage range that can act as both a PV inverter and a battery charge controller. The product is used as a building block for complex energy storage systems, hybrid renewable energy systems and microgrids.



abbABB PRODUCT GROUP SOLAR: Rapid shutdown string accessory

ABB’s rapid shutdown device is a low-cost accessory simplifying NEC 2014 compliance within residential solar applications. String combining models are available to further reduce BOS cost. Shutdown occurs within 10 seconds at the rooftop box when utility power is lost or the PV system’s AC disconnect switch is opened.




This string inverter is ideal for rooftops, carports or ground-mounts. Other features include: 36-kW, 1,000-Vdc, dual-MPPT, 98% CEC efficiency, 1.5 DC:AC ratio, up to 10 string inputs, HECO compliant, Rule 21 ready, 2.5-MW reference designs available. One part number: CPS SCA36kW.



FroniusFRONIUS USA: SnapINverter Line

This lightweight line, available from 1.5 to 24.0 kW, offers easy installation. The hinged mounting system, field serviceability and design flexibility are unique to the entire line of inverters which includes both residential and commercial options. The inverters offer communication and safety features completely integrated, such as Wi-Fi, free lifetime monitoring and AFCI.



hiqHIQ SOLAR: TrueString

This NEMA6 3-phase string inverter is a rugged problem-solver. Have a difficult roof layout? Unequal strings are no problem. Harsh conditions? It’s sealed and ready. A retrofit with no mounting space or a carport with difficult aesthetic restrictions? Tuck it under the array, out of sight. Try the award winning 480-V or new 208-V model.




Ginlong offers the industry’s first 3- and 4-MPPT Solis-(6-10) K-2G-US single phase inverter, suitable for large residential homes with complex rooftops. It features outstanding energy yields, thanks to its MPPT level power optimization, and excellent design flexibility due to its unique string mismatch. Ginlong Solis inverter is third-party qualified by DNV GL.



PIKA ENERGY: Pika Energy Island

This solution connects PV, storage, loads and the grid. It’s 7.6 kW, ideal for residential/light commercial use. Energy Island uses Pika PV Link, a sub-array optimizer that’s 85% faster to install than module-level electronics. The inverter can directly charge high voltage batteries without a separate charge controller and can island without a separate autotransformer.



smaSMA AMERICA: Sunny Tripower 3-phase, transformerless

The Sunny Tripower 12000TL-US/15000TL-US/20000TL-US/24000TL-US is the complete decentralized commercial solution, optimizing design, production and reliability while reducing the levelized cost of energy and improving financial returns. The Sunny Tripower 60-US is ideal for medium-voltage interconnection and combines the advantages of a decentralized layout with the sophistication of a central inverter.



The SE33.3KUS SolarEdge 3-phase inverters for the medium voltage grid offer a 1.35 times DC-to-AC ratio for loading of up to 45 kW of DC power. It supports increased string stretching of up to 15 kW per string for 2.5 times longer strings than traditional inverters and supports three DC inputs with an integrated fused combiner.



solectriaYASKAWA–SOLECTRIA SOLAR: Decentralized MW solution

Solectria’s decentralized MW solution is the first of its kind in the industry. By combining multiple system components, this solution will simplify the customer experience by eliminating the additional work to find panel/switchboards, transformers and monitoring that pair perfectly with Solectria inverters.



tabuchiTABUCHI ELECTRIC: EneTelus Intelligent Battery System (EIBS)

Tabuchi’s EIBS is an all-in-one home inverter and battery system that is easy to install and highly customizable. EIBS can cycle up to 5,000 times, giving homeowners a faster payback over a 10-year warranty. The system is also grid-friendly, key to helping utilities optimize, monitor and scale solar power generation.



AmptAMPT: V1000 string optimizer

Ampt V1000 string optimizers are DC converters that lower the cost and improve the performance of large-scale PV systems. Ampt’s technology includes 2 MPPTs per string and eliminates half of the eBOS components while increasing inverter rated output power by 50% to lower total system cost on Day 1.