Webinar: A Novel Low-cost Pyroelectric Device for Enhancing the Solar Cell Efficiency

ultrasolarimageLive webinar was September 16, 2013. Watch the recorded webinar on-demand by filling out the form below.

Ultrasolar presents technology to improve the efficiency of solar cells by applying high frequency pulses from pyroelectric devices. It is shown that the application of high frequency pulses from pyroelectric devices to solar panels enhances the output of the panels by about 25 percent. The relevant experimental results are presented to illustrate the important aspects of pyroelectric technology to improve the efficiency of solar cells.

Ultrasolar Technology’s QuantumBoost™ employs Pyroelectric technology to increase the DC output of solar modules. The webinar includes the discussion on the innovative use of Pyroelectrics to increase the power density of the solar module into the product and the subsequent cost savings associated with increasing the Kwh output from the solar field.

Watch this webinar to learn:
-Disruption imminent in solar energy
-A technology breakthrough in Solar Energy production using Pyroelectrics
-How QuantumBoost™ works and how to use it in a solar installation




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