Solar Speaks: Colored Modules Bridge Gap Between Solar And Aesthetics

Welcome to another edition of Solar Speaks, Solar Power World’s podcast series that gives you the opportunity to hear from the industry’s biggest newsmakers in their own words.

We spoke with Paul Wise, COO at Colored Solar. Paul discusses how Colored Solar manufactures colored solar panels to blend in with surrounding architecture and landscape. He explains how such panel options are breaking the barrier for those interested in going solar without sacrificing aesthetics.


  1. Great product! It looks more like art and would compliment any home.

  2. ‘Fuelling the Future’ According To Experts, the sun is our best source of renewable, clean energy. Some estimate that the sun can produce 10,000 times as much energy as the Earth uses at the turn of the 21st century. The future of solar energy depends mostly on how it is applied, rather than whether it would be enough energy to be a viable world power source.

    • Paul Wise says:

      Yes Alexandros, the Future of Renewable Energy is growing. We have Colored Solar to help with the adoption of Solar PV. Go to our website and check it out. Also join us on our Facebook page and share us with your contacts world wide. Talk Solar now.

      Paul Wise

  3. Hi Paul. Love the colours. We have come up with a BIPV/Thermal structural solar roof system that would compliment your coloured PV.
    Please have a look at the website and read the OVERVIEW and look at the 17 drawings under the DETAILS tab as well for a complete understanding.
    We hope to team up with someone to develop the technology and have it approved for market.
    I’m sure this is the worlds most versatile and dynamic solar energy system.

  4. Alicia Valdes says:

    Thank you for sharing such valuable information and excellent product invention. Colored Solar has definitely achieved going above and beyond customer’s expectations. The pricing and warranty are comparable to regular black PV Panels, therefore, your product is competitive in the market today. A do see a great future ahead for Colored Solar since the demand for solar products will increase across the board. It is just a matter of marketing to the right client base. Colored Solar is a great product to be implemented in high-end residential and commercial architectural structures among others.

  5. I think this is a great product idea that will help overcome consumer objections to residential rooftop solar. I’ll be watching your company!

    • Thank You Kathy, We appreciate your support. Please join us as a friend on our Face Book Page

      Colored Solar

  6. Looks like an interesting product Paul. I have a masters degree in high efficiency photovoltaic manufacturing and took a look at your product line. You offer four colors which may be a great option to some people who don’t mind sacrificing some efficiency. It’s clear from your product specifications that they have a varying degree of efficiency based on the color of the cells. I assume, other than the color, your fabrication processes are quite similar across your product line and as you say in your interview you build a higher quality product with thicker glass and more robust testing for longevity than most companies. I respect that as well as that they are made in the US however, as an engineer and financially focused homeowner, I would love to buy from a company such as yours but would prefer the highest efficiency possible (ie. matte black if possible, though difficult as you might know). It would be great if you offered a product like that in your lineup. Also, my roof is black! 🙂

    • Hi Sean, Thank You for your thoughts, Link-In with me or give me a call. I would love to discuss efficiency with you. As you know Black Heats up faster and than Green, or Tile Color and therefore the thermal heat gain is different. Side by side Black Modules can run 5 to 15C cooler. That means more voltage. Yes we make a better module here in the USA. Sean Give me a call I can set you up with Black Solar 340Watt Modules if you like.

  7. Your Colored Solar looks great, Paul.. It’s good to hear that the efficiency of colored panels is not less than that of black panels. I will look forward to presenting this product when I meet with architects, and directly with clients, especially the HOA’s where people have to agree on exterior colors–for all surfaces, not just ‘paint.’

    • Thank You Barbara, We are working with several HOA’s, and understand that they are the customer. We need to Taylor our Products to meet their expectations. Let me know if you need assistance with reaching out to your clients.

  8. When you mix solar panel with video advertising, that would be something. There is an idea to bring solar imaging to the next level.

    Especially for Christmas, for homes. Have Santa and his sled moving across the roof.
    A Christian theme. A flag for Vets day. Fire works display on the 4th and so on.

  9. I love the idea of colored solar panels to provide a more architecturally sound choice when using solar power. What a wonderful way to change up an existing industry and finding a new niche.

    • Thank You Liz, Yes bringing a color choice to the end users is important. We are not replacing conventional black solar PV. We want all forms of Renewable Energy to be accepted. We feel we are in a new market and are proud to Bring Color to the Solar PV Market.

  10. Brian Kermath says:

    Looks like a great product that should be well received in the marketplace. Kudos!

    • Thank You Brian, We are committed to the Enviroment. We believe that our product will help in that capacity by Breaking-down the ascetics Barrier to Adoption. The customer is the driver, and once they Know that there is a choice they will Demand Colored Solar.

  11. Right on Paul Wise! 🙂 It’s about time th at someone had the moral fortitude to make something in the United States instead of making it in China. I wish Colored Solar the best in their endeavor and I hope to see their product in Alabama.

    • Made In the USA Thank You Marques for your support of American Manufacturing. We here in the USA Innovate and Develop new technologies every day. The other side of the world is just a copy machine.

  12. Daniel markarian says:

    At last American made colored solar panels that we can rely on ,not like the other made panels that the quality is poor.i am exited about your iterduction of those panels to the world market,wish you best of luck,go us products.

  13. Will definitely be passing this on to my friends. Sounds like a one of a kind product!

  14. Tapping into the power of the sun while maintaining aesthetics is amazing and practical. This field already had potential but colored solar panels really throws it over the top. I am excited to hear this from a field I will be getting into.

  15. From: Dan Brown
    I am happy to see the colored solar panels and that you have a high quality solar panel. On your website you show a red roof with the panels it looks great. It is a great style the color and does not detract from the other black modules. Its also good news for the solar industry that it is thriving. I look forward to the continued growth of Gold Coast Solar. I have spoken to you about the panels in detail and I have come to realize that the panel is made and has been through certain stringent tests that other panels have not had to. The color is great and will blend in more naturally with the landscapes, roofs etc.

  16. Who knew? but it’s obvious now about the color options helping to lower the resistance to having solar panels .. also do the obvious, collect a renewable power source. Good to know about the activity in the solar industry. Now.. on to building smarter homes to start with! Writing in from a small rented space in overcast Vancouver, BC

    • Thank You Helena, We strive to Lead in Innovation. Smart homes that are Net Zero or lower, and have Zero Scape for water conservation is our goal. Lets End our dependance on fossil fuels that have a negative effect on the Environment. Micro Hydro would be good for you in the Pacific North West. I look forward in speaking with you in future.

  17. Very interesting! Love that someone is trying to address this. Good luck.

  18. Brilliant idea. Hope to see them out here in the U.K. shortly.

    All the best

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