Chile’s First Photovoltaic Plant

Chile now has its first photovoltaic system, the Calama Solar 3. The installation has a total power of 1 MW and a horizontal tracking system that takes advantage of the maximum solar radiation.

This project has been executed by the Spanish company Solarpack in association with Codelco (the National Corporation of Copper in Chile). GPtech, which specializes in implementing electronic control technology to power electronic equipment, has strengthened its presence in South America by providing solar inverters for the photovoltaic system.

GPtech has also provided solar inverters for the Cañada Honda Park in Sarmiento (San Juan, Argentina), which will have a total power of 20MW. GPtech supplied PV500 solar inverters. The forecasts estimate that the project will be completed by June, 2013, and it will be able to generate more than 40.000 MWh of Clean Energy per year.

GPtech is also participating in the construction of four photovoltaic systems in Peru: Majes and Repartición parks, with 20MW each one and awarded to the company T-Solar; and Tacna Solar and Panamericana Solar plants, also with 20MW each one and belonging to the companies Gestamp and Solarpack. For the financing of the first project, the US agency for the promotion of American investments, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), will collaborate with 131 million dollar of senior debt. Also, the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) and the Institution Financière de Développment (PROPARCO) will participate with until 14.3 million dollar, respectively. The rest of the investment will be made by T-Solar itself, which has been advised by Astris Finance, a US company specialized in transactions in the energy market.

GPtech has supplied 64 solar inverters for the installation of the first two plants —32 in Majes and 32 in Repartición— of the PV625 family. In the case of Tacna Solar and Panamericana Solar, the company has provided, to each one, 16 plug&play solutions of 1250 KW in metal enclosures.

In the near future, GPtech will continue working in new projects in South America; mainly, it will focus on Chile, where the company is in process of opening a new technical office in Santiago. Thereby, it aims to improve and enhance the global after sales service offered by the enterprise and distinguished by a prompt technical assistance, a maintenance service and a guarantee adapted to each client need.