OutBack Power Brings Radian to International Markets

OutBack Power Technologies announced its grid-interactive Radian Series GS7048E Inverter/Charger, offering 230V of adjustable power for residential, industrial, commercial and other applications. Engineered for compatibility across the diverse range of global power scenarios, the latest edition of OutBack’s Radian series builds on the brand’s reputation for reliability to meet requirements of both stable and unstable grid infrastructures worldwide. The Radian empowers both utilities and consumers to reduce costs associated with consumption along with the challenges associated with extended power outages.

Grid-tied renewable energy systems save money by offsetting utility costs, while off-grid systems provide energy independence when grid power is unavailable. Grid-interactive systems with battery back-up capability can do both, delivering savings when the grid is up and delivering power for essential needs if the grid fails. The grid-interactive Radian augments grid power while also maintaining back-up capacity. During an outage, it will deliver power from a renewable source, batteries, a generator, or a combination of these energy options.

In some regions, the ability to sell energy back to the grid is limited or restricted. For these applications the Radian offers an offset function, by which users can prioritize excess energy from photovoltaic arrays to power loads and reduce the power that must be purchased from the grid. This ensures that renewable energy systems always deliver the best value possible by balancing utility and available local power sources.

The Radian’s modular design provides redundancy in mission-critical installations, and minimizes emergency service calls by allowing the system to come back online at 3,500 watts—half the capacity of continuous power—in the event of a power module failure. The 230-volt output integrates directly into standard premises wiring, while the modular, parallel architecture provides the ability to build a scalable system to power nearly any load.

Key features of the GS7048E Radian Inverter/Charger include:

* Grid-interactive, stand-alone functionality in the same package
* 7,000 watts of continuous power
* 230V single-phase (230/400VAC 3-phase using three inverters)
* Field-adjustable input/output voltage and frequency boundaries of 50/60Hz and 220-240V nominal
* Field serviceable modular design and upgradeable firmware
* Unsurpassed surge capacity and dual AC inputs
* Built on OutBack Power’s core FX FET board technology
* Advanced front venting for optimum cooling in  zero-clearance installations

Planned certifications and listings include:

* CE
* RoHS
* IEC specifications on PV power conversion systems
* AS4777 grid connection and inverter requirements

OutBack Power’s GS7048E Radian is available in Q3 2012.

OutBack Power Technologies, Inc.