PowerGuard’s PowerClip Implemented by Talesun

PowerGuard Specialty Insurance Services announced that solar manufacturer Talesun has joined the growing number of global solar panel manufacturers to choose PowerGuard’s PowerClip extended warranty protection.

Talesun Solar is an international manufacturer of high quality crystalline solar cells and modules.  Located in Changshu, just 50 miles from Shanghai, Talesun operates the world’s largest, fully automated production plant using state of the art technology.  The company also has offices in Munich, Germany and San Jose, Calif.

A specialty renewable energy program manager based in the United States, PowerGuard provides an innovative 25-year, non-cancellable quality and performance guarantee solution to back up a manufacturer’s own warranty terms.

The insurance solution, conceived and underwritten by PowerGuard, offers back-to-back coverage for a 10-year limited product warranty.  It also includes a 10-year warranty for 90 percent power performance and an additional 15-year warranty for 80 percent performance for panels sold by Talesun and covered by the warranty.

Through the use of insurance, PowerGuard is able to offer manufacturers the ability to provide the certainty their customers seek, as well as long-term stability for the industry.

The PowerGuard solution is available globally. Its warranty terms are non-cancellable and will survive even insolvency and bankruptcy. Third-party rights to the policy are also offered, in case the original solar manufacturer goes out of business, backed by the capital strength of the insurance market.