Reducing your utility bills

Regulating and conserving energy are major concerns for large and small businesses. Now many are seeking to reduce costs by altering their operations and establishing new energy-efficient practices and policies. To help facility managers, building occupants, and executives do this, two companies have partnered to offer customers the visibility and data they need to understand their energy usage, pinpoint problems, and reduce costs.

Pulse delivers data to three user groups.

As a manufacturer of hardware and software for applications involving industrial automation and control, remote monitoring, and data acquisition, Opto 22’s partnership with Pulse Energy makes sense, as the latter company has developed its own software, Pulse. Their combination of forces has made it easier for commercial and industrial customers to monitor their energy consumption, gather usage data, and use it to reduce their utility bills. Specifically, Opto 22’s OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring tool couples with the Pulse energy management software to connect to customers’ metering devices, electrical panels, machines, and equipment, and then deliver data over standard networks and the Web for viewing and analysis.

“Pulse makes it easy to monitor, understand, and manage energy use,” says Opto 22 Chief Executive Officer Mark Engman. “The software gives engineering and automation teams, energy managers, and other decision makers the monitoring tools they need to quickly and easily understand, and effectively manage their facilities.”

Pulse Energy